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Location: London, UK





Trash City

Glastonbury Festival, 2008 – ’09
Production Manager

A legendary Mad Max-esque cityscape filled with interactive festival venues. Trash City combined industrial artwork, burlesque theatre, underground music, pyrotechnics and parades of robotic creatures. It was a collaboration of some of the most innovative minds of the UK creative underground – including the infamous Mutoid Waste Co. From mutant vehicle races to a giant interactive pinball table-cum-music venue, Trash City created a sensory experience that challenged conventional ways of viewing the world. Alongside her Missmanage partner Bridey built an exceptional team that delivered the directors’ challenging artistic vision to create a unforgettable experience.

‘Trash City had the distinction of being the best-produced field and this was due to the efforts of Bridey and her team. Since then I’ve engaged her services on every job I’ve taken…I would not dream of starting a project without involving her.’ – Joe Rush, co-founder of Mutoid Waste Co and creator of Trash City

  • Photo by: Olivia McGilchrist

  • Photo by: Olivia McGilchrist

    Lyall and The Hellcopter
  • Photo by: Richard Jell

    Mutate Exhibition
  • Photo by: Olivia McGilchrist

    The Pinball Machine
  • Photo by: Olivia McGilchrist

    The Trash City Show
  • Photo by: Olivia McGilchrist

    Veiw of the Trash City Feild

Bridey Watson…couldn’t do what I do without her…

- Joe Rush, creator of Trash City