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Location: London, UK

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The Unfairground

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – 2011

The Mutoid Waste Co. forged a twisted landscape within Glastonbury – complete with a plane wreck bar, evil sideshows and the ‘Hellcopter’. Driven by their insurgent attitude and awe-inspiring artworks were created from anything they could metamorphose. The Unfairground was a 360º degree experience built around music, sculpture, dark humour and huge set-designs.

‘Bridey Watson…couldn’t do what I do without her…’ – Joe Rush, creator of The Unfairground
  • Photo by: Jak Wise

    Bez's Acid House
  • Photo by: Edward Bishop

    Crustys Head
  • Photo by: Edward Bishop

    Plane Wreck
  • Photo by: Olivia McGilchrist


Joe Rush’s Unfairground, described as a ‘nightmare party at the end of the world’ was this year’s winner.

- Lucy Jones, The Telegraph